Racheli offers its clients full services relating to filing and prosecuting Italian, European and Euro-PCT patent applications, including validation of European patents in the various EPC member countries, as well as to filing and prosecuting Italian utility models.

Italian Patents

For new and inventive technical subject matter  in the following areas:

• Mechanical

• Automotive

• Electronic (including topographies of semi-conductors)

• Chemical (including polymers)

• Software (with a technical function)

• Life-sciences technologies

• New plant varieties


The maximum duration of a Patent of Invention is 20 years from the Italian filing date.


Applications are laid open to public inspection 18 months after priority date (or filing date if priority is not claimed), if the early publication is not requested.


The Italian PTO conducts prior art search  and preliminary opinion on patentability  through the EPO, only in respect of first filings (no search fee).


The average time duration between the filing of the application and the grant of the patent is currently of approximately 3 years.

Italian Utility Models

A utility model patent can be granted in Italy for a new and useful conformation or arrangement of a machine, a machine part, an instrument or a tool.   Protection may be sought for inventions that have a lesser degree of inventive step.

The duration of protection conferred by a utility model is a maximum of 10 years. Absolute novelty is required.

The procedure for obtaining a utility model patent is similar to the one relating to patents of invention.

A frequent advantage of this type of patent is that a failed application for a patent of invention (i.e. for lack of inventive step) may succeed as a utility model.


European Patents

A European patent may be obtained by virtue of the European Patent Convention, which regime falls under the authority of the European Patent Office primarily located in Munich, Germany. A single European patent application allows, in case an examination on the merits is successfully passed, to obtain a patent valid in all or only some countries (the choice is up to the applicant) belonging to the European Patent Convention. The "member" countries actually adhering to the convention are:


Albania, Austria*, Belgium*, Bulgaria*, Czech Republic*, Cyprus (Greek) *, Denmark*, Estonia*, Finland*, France*, Germany*, Greece*, Croatia*, Hungary*, Ireland*, Iceland, Italy, Latvia*, Luxemburg*, Lithuania*, Principality of Monaco, Macedonia, Malta*, Netherlands*, Norway, Poland*, Portugal*, Romania*, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia*, Slovenia*, Spain, Sweden*, Switzerland (including Liechtenstein), Turkey, United Kingdom*,  Extension countries: Bosnia-Herzegovnia, Montenegro.


In order for the European patent to be currently valid in the above designated countries, a validation application must be filed within 90 days from the granted European Patent with the national IPO of each Member Country designated by the applicant in the course of prosecution of the European patent application.


In Italy, an official Italian translation (as sworn exact translation of the full text of the granted European patent) must be filed together with the validation application, by an Italian Patent Attorney with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.


It is to be noted that in the next years it will be possible to designate  the 26 Member Countries (indicated above with an asterisk) for protection as a unified patent, with a single request made to the EPO, instead of individually with the national IPO’s.  These 26 countries of the unified patent correspond to the current Member States of the European Union, with the exception of Italy and Spain, which opted out of this regime.


European Patents

We may assist foreign clients in filing any of the following applications:


• a European patent application as a first filing;

• a European patent application on priority from a foreign national application (provided the home application has been filed in a country which is a contracting state of the Paris Convention);

• a European patent application under the European regional phase of an international PCT application;

• an Italian validating application of a granted European patent.


The procedure for obtaining a European Patent is similar to the procedure followed in other major jurisdictions: the application will be kept secret for  an 18-month period during which the applicant obtains a search report of prior art and at the end of which the application will be published together with the search report and the applicant has to pay the examination fee and a flat designation fee for designating all contracting states.

The application will then be examined to make sure that it meets the patentability requirements and, after grant, can be subject to third party oppositions. The usual time required to obtain a grant of the European patent is about 3-4 years from the application date, unless an accelerated prosecution is requested.

PCT Applications

The Patent Co-operation Treaty (the "PCT") regulates the International Patent Application (the "PCT application"). It does not result in obtaining a single patent, but allows one, through a single filing upon which it is possible to "designate" all countries adhering to the PCT (presently 148 countries throughout the world), to delay the expenses relating to the filing in the various countries for a period of 30 months, commencing from the filing date of the PCT application, obtaining in the meantime a valid technical report which allows one to evaluate the real importance of the invention, before incurring more important costs which are involved in the filing of a European Patent Application and/or of national applications.

Under the PCT, it is necessary to select a European patent application in order to extend the home patent application to Italy and other European Patent Convention member countries.


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